About the Yellow Springs Resilience Network

Network Motivation:

The potential impacts of major world events like climate change mandate we do everything possible to mitigate their severity. Working to reduce our negative impacts is critical but is no longer enough. We must build resilience to inevitable and potentially dramatic global and local changes. Doing so requires collaborative action by individuals, organizations, businesses and the village government.

Network Purpose:

Eliminating our greenhouse gas emissions and creating a local resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Network Goals:

  • Buildings: Energy efficient and low embodied emissions housing and buildings;
  • Economy: A resilient, inclusive economy;
  • Energy: 100% local affordable renewable energy;
  • Food and Agriculture:  Local and low GHG food & agriculture;
  • Goods and Services: Local and low GHG goods and services;
  • Transportation: Net zero emissions transportation;
  • Waste and Consumption: Zero waste and consumption curtailment;

What Does the Network Seek to Do:

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative network for creating and amplifying action to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and create resiliency.
  • Present an integrated local view of the issues, needs, actions, and results being achieved.
  • Provide publicity, connectivity, support, experience and access to resources that help individuals, organizations and businesses taking action amplify their impact.
  • Provide mechanisms for measuring progress toward eliminating green house gas emissions and establishing resiliency.

Who Is the Yellow Springs Resilience Network?

The Yellow Springs Resilience Network is a group of individuals, organizations and businesses in and around Yellow Springs, Ohio who share a common purpose of mitigating climate change and building resiliency to its impacts. If you live or work in or around our village and are involved with either of these two things you in some way are part of the network. We welcome and encourage everyone to get involved by lowering your carbon footprint and by becoming actively engaged with the rest of the network.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are a lot of ways to get involved here are a few suggestions:

  • Start taking action and connect into the network;
  • Contact one the focus groups leaders or anyone working in an area to get involved with that part of the network;
  • Come to one of our meetings and find your spot in the network;
  • Come to one of the events sponsored by the network and get involved;
  • Talk to people around the village. Chances you already know someone who is part of the network; or,
  • If all else fails send and email to YSResilienceNetwork@Gmail.com

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